Tune Your Studio Plus

The Tune Your Studio Plus analysis starts from the state-of-the-art measurement of the room impulse response performed in the sweet-spot listening position with the logarithmic sine-sweep method. From the average of a series of room impulse responses, a time and frequency domains description of the environment is provided.

The first step is the FFT analysis of the average of the measured impulses: the resulting left and right spectra are correlated with theoretical position of low frequencies room modes. In this way the listening system symmetry can be checked and the placement of peaks and valleys in the frequency response can be thoroughly analyzed.

Because this traditional analysis is useful to explore the steady-state response of the room, that is the room response while listening to note and sound of long duration, different methods have been developed and refined by the authors in order to investigate the transient response of the room at low frequencies. These innovative methods are offered exclusively with Tune Your Studio services.

For what concerns the time domain, the behavior of the first milliseconds of the room impulse response is analyzed in order to identify the presence of potentially disturbing specular reflections or particular patterns of reflections. The analysis of mixing properties of the sound field is proposed focusing on the transition between deterministic early reflections and stochastic diffuse sound field. Thanks to the kurtosis curve of segments of the impulse response, first and second order reflections that can alter the balance of listening are highlighted.

With all the data obtained by this analysis, the acoustic correction plan is drawn: interventions are engineered in a scale of priorities, starting with those that allow a higher yield according to the budget. First of all, the proper positioning of the sound sources and listener, based on modal distribution of the room, it is proposed. Then, thanks to the information gained by the analysis of room impulse responses, ad-hoc interventions for sound absorption (bass traps, sound-absorbing panels) and sound diffusion (scattering panels) are given.

With our remote support, you can also decide to perform the room response measurement by yourself, in order to further reduce the price.

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