Tune Your Studio Pro

With Tune Your Studio Pro you get access to advanced acoustic services, like sound insulation or 3D analysis of listening space.

Music-dedicated rooms (such as audiophile listening rooms, mixing and mastering rooms, project studios) often are characterized by high sound pressure listening levels (higher than 80 dBA). If your room is placed inside an indipendent building, far away from neighbors, probably you will not have sound insulation problems. But if your neighbors are placed right above, below or next to you, then it is necessary to take into account that your listening levels could create noise issues with them.

Sound insulation is a complex problem: with Tune Your Studio Pro you can relay on experienced professionals, active for over a decade in this field.

Tune Your Studio Pro offers the most advanced existing measurement system for listening environments. This service is provided in collaboration with the University of Parma and with the staff of prof. Angelo Farina that developed this measuring system.

The measures are carried out using a 32nd order EigenMike microphone that allows a three-dimensional display of the sound space. In this way further time-frequency analysis can be performed, emphasizing issues undetectable with traditional methods based on the omni-directional microphone.

The following video is an example of what can provide Tune Your Studio Pro: you can see with your eyes how the sound propagates in your room.

The impulse response is analyzed, instant by instant, frequency by frequency, creating a dynamic visual scene of sound propagation.This analysis allows you to make even more targeted acoustic interventions, choosing the optimum position and orientation of sound reproduction systems and acoustic treatments.

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